Your first visit will consist of a detailed review of medical history and reason for seeking chiropractic care. The initial assessment is a chance for you to outline your needs and concerns, goals and expectations. By understanding your current lifestyle and habits, Dr. Lee will gain a more comprehensive view on the best plan of care for you as an individual. After the consultation, if he believes he can help you with your condition, he will proceed with treatment.

Treatments consist of a variety of modalities and techniques, all focused on the principle of breaking down scar tissue and promoting blood flow to the injured area. Once blood flow is restored, the body's repair crew can bring nourishment to the area and  engage in its healing processes.

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Repetitive Strain Injury causes scar tissue to form in muscles and soft tissues by actions such as:

  • Repetitive tasks with many small, rapid movements

  • Insufficient rest time between the repetitive tasks

  • Working in awkward or fixed postures for extended periods of time

  • Excessive and forceful movements, used repetitively, to move loads, or to execute accelerated actions such as lifting, running, hitting or throwing

Dr. Michael Lee, B.Sc., D.C. 

   Understanding the

​  Injury Cycle

  • Custom-Made Foot Orthotics 
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Rehabilitation
  • Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Rehabilitation


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  Dr. Michael Lee

Dr. Lee was a volunteer medical staff for :

PAN AM GAMES Toronto 2015

JR. PAN AM Badminton Championships 2017


Dr. Michael Lee is a Chiropractor and Active Release Provider 

He has been helping our community since 1998, servicing patients of all ages and ailments

He uses Active Release Technique and Graston Technique to help his patients with muscle aches and pains

Pain is not necessarily a bad thing. 

The human body has many mechanisms that prevent injury, and biological processes that promote healing and repair. 

Overuse, repetitive motions, and overexertion can push the body to its limits, and it then sends pain as a signal that the movement is beyond what it can handle. 

When muscles are injured, they tighten up, and swelling occurs, restricting the oxygen supply to the muscles and connective tissues. Scar tissue forms, similar to glue, bridging the injury. However, without the nutrient-rich blood being delivered to the muscles, muscles cannot initiate the normal healing process. Left unaddressed, inflammation and scar tissue dries up, hardens, and the normal sliding of muscle tissue over one another is impeded. As a result, range of motion can be compromised, and the mechanics or movement of your body part is altered. 

This is when you start noticing problems such as pain and stiffness

When problems are untreated, other issues can develop. For example, a shoulder complaint progresses into upper back pain, arm pain, and elbow pain that are all related to the original shoulder dysfunction. 

Are you experiencing a nagging pain that just won't seem to go away or "fix itself"? 

Are you a veteran athlete, considering that pain may be a sign that it is time to retire from sports? 

Are you dealing with an injury that keeps getting re-aggravated, and have accepted that chronic pain is the new norm? 

Have you been consistently misdiagnosed, trying other forms of treatment without any results?

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